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Assignment Sheet

Describe a future dream or freedom in America that you are passionate about. Choose a dream that would typify the American Dream: career, family, land, happiness, freedom of religion, freedom of speech etc.

Assignment Requirements
  • Hook
  • Clear, topic sentence
  • 3-4 supporting ideas
  • Elaboration and details for each of the supporting sentences
  • Strong concluding statement (either emphatic statement, quote, or call to action)

Assignment Components
  • *Pre Write: Fill out pre-write paragraph worksheet (found in a folder labeled passion paragraph right behind the expressive prewrites section
  • 1st Draft: Make sure all elements are included
  • Self-Edit: Using the highligthers, make changes to your paper
  • Conference with me
  • Final: Handwritten or typed version submitted with 1st draft and my sticky note
  • Publication: Save one copy to put on your passion poster

Pre-Write Template

Fill out this paragraph template worksheet. Ignore the assignment description, you are using this form to help plan your passion paragraph.

Here is my example of my pre-write for my passion paragraph:


Needs Improvement--2

Paragraph Skills

  • Paragraph is clear and address audience
  • Strong hook
  • Has a strong, clear topic sentence which expresses the main idea
  • Has 3 or more supporting details/ examples with elaboration.
  • Includes an effective concluding statement: quote, emphatic statement, or call to action.
  • Paragraph is clear and addresses the audience
  • Ok hook
  • Has a clear topic sentence which expresses the main idea
  • Has at least 3 supporting details with limited elaboration.
  • Includes a concluding statement that is not an effective conclusion.
  • Has a topic sentence that is unclear or inaccurate
  • Hook is attempted
  • Has fewer than 3 supporting details/ examples
  • Lacks in elaboration
  • May not have a concluding statement
  • Unclear or absent topic sentence
  • No hook
  • Not enough supporting details OR examples are insufficient to support main idea
  • Very little elaboration
  • May not have a concluding statement

Writing Skills

  • No errors with commas and capitalization
  • You express ideas simply and clearly using vivid words.
  • You have eliminated “be verbs”
  • Your sentences are strong, and the beginnings are varied.
  • Your passion for the subject is clear
  • Some errors with commas and capitalization
  • You express ideas simply using vivid words.
  • Your sentences are suitably varied.
  • You have a few too many “be” verbs.
  • Your passion for the subject is clear
  • Several errors with comas and capitalization
  • You repeat the same words and/or some words are unclear
  • Sentences are basically the same
  • Paragraph sounds dead
  • Your paper relies heavily on “be verbs”
  • Tons of errors with commas and capitalization.
  • You have a limited vocabulary
  • Sentences are all the same
  • Paragraph sounds dead


  • You stick to one passion and you remain on topic.

  • Typed, readable font, double-spaced, indented paragraph. Only one paragraph in length.
  • o You stick to one passion and remain mostly on topic.
  • o You list several passions and/or deviate from the topic.

  • Your paragraph has no clear focus.

  • Incorrect Format

Passion Poster
  • Shared with class.

  • Contains your paragraph, name, and at least one picture representing your passion.

  • Items are on poster board.

  • Not shared with class

  • Does not include a picture.

  • Is not on poster board.

Madsen Example

[Often little kids play school—fighting over who will play teacher. The lure of the whiteboard and being in command urges each child to whelp, “Pick me; pick me.” As kids mature, playing the “rowdy” student seems more idea, but I always wanted to be the teacher.] [hook] Teaching is my passion. (topic sentence) Though teaching is a selfless job, some of my reasons for being a teacher are selfish: by teaching, I get to continually learn more about my favorite things—reading, writing, and technology; and I have an excuse to devour young adult literature at a steady rate. Since, I “have” to read what the kids are reading, and since I get discounted and sometimes free books, I get to enjoy reading and discussing what I read with my students. (idea #1 and elaboration) Rest assured, I am not entirely selfish. I also enjoy teaching because I love youth. This age group always surprises me, gets my humor, and feeds my energy. I love being around “troubled” teens, as we are all troubled. (idea #2 and elaboration) But there is nothing better than seeing a teen’s troubled eyes turn to joy when he looks proudly upon his academic success; or turn bright with the knowledge he can “get this hard stuff”; or turn hopeful when he discovers the joy of life. Ultimately, the best and real reason why I teach is because I can make a difference in the lives of others. Education encompasses much more than the ability to read and write, it means teaching others how to be successful human beings. As a teacher, I can help a student become a better citizen, and if we have better citizens, we will have a better country. (idea #3 and elaboration) To this end I have dedicated myself and will continue to dedicate myself to my job, no, my passion: teaching. (concluding sentence)